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Welcome to Pourvoirie
Pignon Rouge


Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of untouched wilderness at Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge, where nature's tranquility meets your quest for peace


Embrace the thrill of adventure  from exhilarating hunting, snowmobiling, ATV and dog sledding to serene ice fishing, every moment is an unforgettable journey. 


At Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge, we prioritize your comfort and relaxation. From cozy cabins to comfortable beds, we ensure that your stay with us is nothing short of luxurious. Our serene surroundings and top-notch amenities will make your experience with us truly unforgettable.

Territory & Accommodation 

Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge offers a

cozy and peaceful

escape in nature we have: 

  • 35 km² Exclusive Territory 

  • 5 Lacs

  • 7 Individual Cottages

  • 1 Yourte 

  • 4 Row Units (Condo-style)

  • 1 Bar 

  • 1 Restaurant 


Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge provide number of adventure activities includs: 

  • Fishing

  • Bear Hunting 

  • Small Game Hunting 

  • Snowmobiling

  • ATV rides

  • Hiking 

  • Dog sledding

  • Wild Blueberry Picking

  • Wild Mushroom Picking

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