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Blueberry Harvest

The Wild Blueberry Harvest at Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge is a delightful and enriching experience . During the blueberry season, the fields and forests around our lodge become dotted with these tiny, yet flavor-packed fruits, offering guests a chance to engage in the traditional and rewarding activity of berry picking.

The experience of harvesting these berries by hand is therapeutic and satisfying, offering a sense of accomplishment as you gather these natural, healthy treats.Wild blueberries from Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge are known for their intense flavor and high nutritional value. These berries can be enjoyed fresh, right off the bush, or can be used in various culinary creations such as pies, jams, or smoothies.

The Wild Blueberry Harvest is a family-friendly activity, suitable for all ages.This experience at Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge is more than just berry picking; it's a way to create lasting memories, enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate the small, simple pleasures that nature provides.

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