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Mushroom Harvest

At Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge, we offer a unique mushroom harvesting experience featuring the search and collection of some exquisite and flavorful mushroom varieties found in our forests. These include the Lobster Mushrooms, Matsutake Mushrooms, and Boletus Mushrooms, each renowned for their unique taste and texture, making them a sought-after delicacy among culinary enthusiasts.

The Lobster Mushroom is known for its vibrant orange color and distinct seafood-like flavor, adding a striking element to any dish. Matsutake Mushrooms are celebrated for their strong, distinctive aroma and rich flavor, highly prized in Japanese and other Asian cuisines. Boletus Mushrooms are favored for their meaty texture and deep, earthy taste, forming an essential component in many gourmet recipes.

Our mushroom harvesting excursion is more than just a simple gathering process; it's an intimate interaction with nature and a learning opportunity. Led by expert guides, guests will learn how to identify and sustainably harvest these precious fungi, gaining insights into their role in the ecosystem. This experience not only allows guests to revel in the joy of harvesting nature's gifts but also provides a peaceful and enjoyable time in the beautiful surroundings of Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge.

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