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Snowmobile & ATV


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Experience the thrill of snowmobiling at Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge, where the winter landscape transforms into a playground for adventure enthusiasts. Our range of snowmobiles caters to every preference. 

Choose from our Single-seater snowmobiles for an intimate and independent experience, or opt for our Double-seaters Snowmobiles, perfect for couples or friends wishing to explore the winter wonderland together. For those craving more power and speed, our Turbo snowmobiles offer an unmatched, high-octane adventure. 

Glide over powdery snow, maneuver through serene forests, and race across frozen lakes, all while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness. At Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge, every snowmobile journey is safe, exhilarating, and tailored to leave you with unforgettable memories in the heart of nature's most stunning winter settings.4

Active Season: December -March 

All Year ATV 

At Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge, our ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) adventures offer an unmatched way to explore the rugged beauty of the wilderness. From dense forest trails to rolling hills and meadows, as you embark on your journey, you'll feel the thrill of conquering challenging landscapes while being immersed in the natural beauty around you. 

Our ATVs are well-maintained and suited for both beginners and experienced riders, ensuring a safe yet exhilarating experience. Whether you're looking for a high-speed adventure or a leisurely exploration of the scenic outdoors, our ATV tours provide an exciting opportunity to witness wildlife, enjoy the fresh air, and experience the great outdoors like never before. With every turn and trail, Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge's ATV experience promises a unique and memorable adventure in the heart of nature's playground.

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